​What is Zinio?

  • Who ever likes to read his preferred magazine or newspaper on the go, has the possibility to install for each the provided app (application). 

What about Zinio?

Zino is an app,  which can be used like,  if you go to your kiosc. Take what is interesting for you.  Alternatively you can choose as well an abonomment for your preferred one.

Which devices will be supported? 

The app is for mobile devices designed and does support its for Apple mobile devices. Android for all the rest of the the most used phones. For those who are using Windows mobile or an Amazon mobile devices. There is as well an app available.

Where can the app be used?

They have magazines available for over 200 countries. ZINIO counts as the leading distributior for delivering of mobile magazines on an app.

Which kind of magazines are available over there app? 




Science and Tech







Art & Photography

What else to know? 

They have 33 different language Newsstand,  over 6000 magazines and over 5000 delivered.  On top  they work with over 20 distributors to make this all happen.

How to pay for the magazines?

What I’m not sure about is, if they make pay as you go subscription or an mix.

Can you use the platform for your own business? 

I you not only a consumer, if you are as well a publisher.  You can use this platform as well to publish your stuff. They will convert the PDF files into XML based layouts, that it can be read on any mobile device.

What else is in for publisher’s? 

They have a big distribution network, this will open for publishers new possibilities to reach out new customers and getting more revenue.

Last but not least 

As an customer, you will get on a weekly basis new information about new magazines and new offers. This will make your reading more enjoyable.

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