30 60 90 Day Job Start,How to write a start Plan for a new job?

I was a couple of times in the situation, that I must prepare for a new job a 30 60 90 start plan, this I have wrote down in this article and made this article as well as PDF eBook possible. The Link is in the end of this post.


  • Overview
  • Introduction
  • Think about the points
  • With what should it be written?
  • Points examples
  • How should you communicate that?

How to write a start plan for a new job?


  • Introduction
  • Think about the points
  • With what should it be written?
  • Points examples
  • How should you communicate it?


If you are running applications for a new job, you should be aware. That one of the interviewer is asking for a starting plan.

There are some reasons for a preparing of a starting plan.

  1. They want to see, that you are serious about the application.
  2. They want to see, that you understand the job.
  3. This is seen as a demonstration of the understanding the job description.
  4. The company wants to see, that you had a look in the company and the products. And that you got a clue by this, how the start should be.
  5. The interviewer could be as well don’t have a clue and wants to get an idea for new starters.
  6. The company themselves could be making interviews to save money by getting a plan like this.

Think about the points

To get the points for a starting plan in a new job role, asked at first the interviewer. Which kind of plan he wants to get. This could be:

  • A 30, 60, 90 start plan
  • A plan for the first half year
  • A yearly plan
  • A marketing plan
  • and and and

Ask as well the interviewer, which points are important for him.

Depending on the role, you have to plan the first 30 days for training and traveling.

Usually the most companies have a new hire training (Where you will get information about the products, but this is more important to align you with the company), what is normally a week, followed by a product training (This is in the end the training,  which you need to get aligned with the company in my eyes ) . The product training is as well very often minimum a few days up to a week.

After the start trainings usually, your colleagues must get know about you and who you are. This introduction period and relationship building can as well take up to two weeks.

Depending on the role, which you will have, will be the next 30 days, what is the in the time for for example 60 days, used for getting align with the common used programs and start working on your role.

For my example plan, I did take a plane for any Inside Sales Representatives role or as well called Internal Account Manager. And a second one, which I did developed based on a role, where I did apply and did think about the start. This was a Manager role for a lead generation team.

What about the last 30 day? Here you should show that you are up to speed and running.

And don’t forget to ask, what is the standard writing and presentation program, what the company is using or ask, if you can bring your own device for the presentation.

With what should it be written?

At first before you start, make a plan for an agenda and write this in any text program, where you are usually writing texts.

After you have written the agenda, you can use the points as single content headline.

Use for every point of the agenda a single page. This makes it easier to transfer it into the presentation program.

Most of the companies will use Microsoft Office; this can be the last version or an older one.

Try to use the same program like the company, where you are applying.

After you have thinking about every point and have written it down. Safe the text version, don’t forget to save .

Then try to find an open presentation of the company on an search engine, where you want to go with and make sure that this presentation is maximum three to six months old. Download this presentation on your device.

Search options for example can be:

“company name + *.ppt” or “*.pptx”, if you find nothing search for a PDF file or a presentation for other presentation programs like LibreOffice or OpenOffice. Use as well different search engines, not only Google.

After you found one presentation of the company, build a duplicate, where you are working with. Clean it and make it yours.


Points examples

Example for an Inside Sales Representatives

First 30 days

At the first 14 days I would expect product training and company learning to get enough knowledge, how the products work and how to speak with the customer.  Learn how the company works to be quickly a part of the team.

Meet the German team, if possible to introduce myself.

  • The first what I would do after the training is build some reports in salesforce.
  • First report shows untouched opportunities in the system.
  • Second report, touch opportunities without value.
  • Third report, opportunities with close date this week.
  • Fourth report, opportunities close date this month not touched since 7 days.
  • Fifth report, opportunities close date this quarter not touched since 14 days.
  • Sixth report, all opportunities not touched since 21 days.
  • Seventh report, all won opportunities short before maintenance is ending.
  • Eighth report, all lost business, that I can have a look to understand, what was happen and why we lost the opportunity.

Go to the opportunities close date this month and set priorities.

Go in touch with the account manager and system engineers to introduce myself, if no meeting is possible.

Plan with every account manager a call out on a weekly basis, to speak about the opportunities and business, which is to close and to plan the next week.

Speak with the account manager about the closing business in the first 30 days.

Speak with the account manager about the partner, which are involved in the deals close date first 30 days, to get information’s, about the partner and how they should be handled for a successful collaboration.

Go in touch with the channel account manager to introduce myself and to understand their business and how we can collaborate successful together, if no meeting is possible in the first 30 days.

Go in touch with the partners, which are involved in the opportunities with closed date in the first 30 days to introduce myself and as well with the prospects. If the opportunity is send from us to a partner. Set up a call out day in the time frame, which the partners agree.

Call all prospects from the untouched opportunities, if this is a request to us. Call all partners for untouched opportunities, if the opportunity came from a partner.

Close the first opportunities and move all what is switched to the right close date.

Close 33% of the 100% average target and get the same pipeline in.

First 30 to 60 days

Call all partners, where I have to work to introduce myself and to get an overview about them.
Set up a call out in the time frame, which the partners agree.

Speak with the partners about their events and speak with them on which event it would be an advantage, that I’m involved.

Speak to the channel account manager to get an overview, which are the important partners and distributions, where I should introduce myself in a personal meeting. Set up face 2 face meetings with these partners.
Set up a meeting with the German team, that I can introduce myself personal to build trust and relationships for the first 60 – 90 days.

Make a weekly work plan, how to go week by week.

Weekly for example:

  • In every the morning mail check and answering mails
  • Call all new opportunities to set in the next step and look in all opportunities without an amount and found out, why without an amount.
  • Look in all opportunities with close date this week and call out, to drive the closing and close the opportunities.
  • Call closed won opportunities prospects to say thank you for the trust and give, if they don’t have contact details that they can come back for any questions.
  • Look in all untouched opportunities this month, to drive closing.
  • Look in all untouched opportunities this quarter to drive closing.
  • Call the partner, where is a recall agreed on the day to speak about current and new business.
  • Call the account & channel managers, to speak about business and where I can support them. What they want to see in my hand and find out, what I must share or give them, because they have to drive it.
  • Look in the up sell report to go in touch with the prospect or partner to drive upselling.
  • Look in the lost report to understand, why lost or to call the prospect to get the information, if no information is there.
  • Search for prospects, which could need our solution, but which are not in the system, depends on time up to 5 per week and go in touch with them.
  • Set a weekly target to be sure, that the monthly target is on track.

Monthly for example:

  • Every 14 days review with the team manager to be sure to be on track and do the right way.
  • Plan possible events or meetings for the 60 to 90 days in Germany.
  • Channel call out days plan and do 2 of this in the first 30 – 60 days.
  • Look that 50% of closed business is Net New Customers, if not, find the balance.
  • Look after every week, if I’m on the right track to achieve the monthly goal, if not, what I must change.

Close 66% of the 100% average target and get the double of this as pipeline in.

First 60 – 90 days

Follow the weekly plan, if it’s agreed with the team manager.

Call out with account manager to have a review and speak about experience to get their advice.

Call out with system engineer to speak about technical questions and a review to get deeper technical knowledge to close better and quickly.

Plan 2 Channel call out days and make it.

Have a meeting with the German team to introduce myself, if not possible in the first 30 days.

Have a face to face with a German partner, if possible or set up an appointment for the next 30 days.

Analyse of lost business to find a strategy to get this account as New Logo Customer.

Analyse the territory of the customers, where our product is interesting and set up the industrial areas to research customers in a prioritized area to develop a strategy to go in touch with them.
For example think about J. Hoffmann’s strategy for mailing.

Make a plan to go regular in touch with existing and lost customers, that they think about us and our service very often. That we go famous on the market like Coke Cola, so that everybody knows us.

Develop a social media marketing to get customers via linkedIN or xing.

Close 100% or more of the 100% average target and get the 3x of this as pipeline in better 4x of the 100% for closing or what I need to achieve 100% calculated by win rate.

After the 90 day meeting with team manager for a review.

Example Presentation Images





Example for a Lead Generation Team Manager

First 30 days

At the first 14 days I would expect product training and company learning to get enough knowledge, how the products work and how to speak with the customer. Learn how the company works to be quickly a part of the team.

Introduction to the team members, who I will lead.

At the second two weeks. Setting up a one 2 one meetings with every team member, to get information, what is going good what should be done better. But as well to figure out who is in the team or who is an outsider. But as well figure who wants to work against who to be prepared for claims.

First 30 to 60 days

Meeting every sales region, where a Business Development Representative is in place. Introduce myself to the region VP and as well to the account managers.

Get feedback, how many opportunities they get transferred. But as well get negative results, for example how many of the opportunities or meetings are useless.

Calculate the percentage between delivered and convert.

Get information of the region, what information they are missing or needing for a delivered opportunity.

Go to the criteria what is a standard to set a lead to the opportunity and ask for their thoughts.

Make an agreement, what is Business Development Representative work and what are information, which the account manager has to find out.

Based on that, set a reasonable conversion rate with the account manager and as well recalculate per region the number of opportunities and if maybe some of the opportunities, depending on the complete number of of opportunities should go directly to an partner.

Agree, that the Business Development Representative should be work closer with the account manager.

Agree with the region, that the Business Development Representative will be involved in some off side meetings.

If more than one Business Development Representative is working for one region, set up an agreement, who should cover which account manager.

First 60 – 90 days

Set up a weekly one 2 one meeting with every Business Development Representative to speak about results, resources and ideas.

Thinking about micro campaigns, which can be easily run with the Business Development Representative together.  Present this to each region with the Business Development Representative together and get at first feedback from the region before running.

Getting the marketing event calendar and analyse, where should be a Business Development Representative present.

Stetting up the plan for the Business Development Representative visiting the region and meeting the account manager.

Getting an overview of the open marketing campaigns, where the representatives are calling at the moment.

Getting an overview of marketing about the prioritization of the campaigns.

Getting feedback of the representatives how the prioritization does work and what is without any success.

Discusses the prioritization and the impression with the marketing team, if they don’t compare.

Getting first feedback of the regions, if any results are changed and if is so. Does it change in a good or bad way?

How should you communicate that?

To present this 30 60 90 day start plan for the job, you have two possibilities. One is, just send the presentation to the interviewer and then discuss it, when the interview is happens. But I would be carefully with this depends on the job, where you are applying for. Because if this is a marketing job, what includes a marketing plan. You probably give the company a gift for free, what will cost usually the salary of an employee or the investment for the marketing plan (strategy).

Sometimes you are better to have a face2face meeting and make a presentation, without a handover.

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