Alternative to Windwos Live Writer the Open Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is not longer supported from Microsoft. What is for may blogger a pain, because Microsoft did deliver with this blogging software as a desktop software a very mature software, which did cover every part what is probably needed to write a post for the blog. Especially if a WordPress is as blog solution in place.

This article is as well written on the alternative Open Live Writer.

Open Live Writer supports the most famous blogging frameworks like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, DasBlog and a couple more solutions.

The design of the Open Live Witer is equal to the design of the Windows Live Writer, what makes it easier for Windows Live Writer to switch over to Open Live Writer.

To get the Open Live Witer, you just must click here. There it as well direct on the top the link to download.

What is found as well on the side is:

  • News, for example, if there is a new release or something else is new.
  • A Blog, what is all around the software.
  • GSoC, what means Google Summer of Code Information, where user of Open Live Writer can become a contributor.
  • And last but not least as well a section for tutorials, where the try to answer all possible questions upfront, that the blogging can start on a easily way.

How does it look like?





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