EKS Filling aid for German Jobcenter

Through an acquaintance I learned how difficult it is to complete the so-called EKS. Regardless of whether preliminary or final, since I have mitgetetetzt and for him a calculation table designed, with the completion of the EKS, I think times, is easier.

I have to say that my acquaintance makes the book with the program EasyCash & Tax. Through the program one can see the total turnover and also the expenditure understand.

This assumption I took as a basis. In the calculation table, you always enter the total amount for the sales figures.

In general, care must be taken when one is a small-scale entrepreneur, as he is, that input tax and paid input tax always remain empty and the gross amount equal to the net amounts. If you turn the value-added tax, it looks something different. Always use the net loads, regardless of whether they are operating or operating. Separately the value of the VAT or VAT will be indicated.

This designed table is available for download (link).

Please note that it is only for verification purposes and that due to the formatting the numbers still have to be transferred separately.

For my acquaintance, it was a derivation. Now, after transferring the numbers, this can compare between table and EKS PDF from the Office (link) and is at least as far as the numbers are concerned on the right or safe side.

No liability is assumed for the correctness of the table.

Input reference:

If you click on “Please select”, the month for the start of the EKS can be selected. The remaining months are automatically completed.

Operating inputs must always be entered as a complete value, otherwise there is a fault message.

In the case of operating expenditure, you always start with a =, then the value. If a new value is added simply enter a + after the old value.

The total output VAT is withdrawn from the booking program, e.g. EasyCash & Tax.

If anyone should use this table as an aid, the prerequisite is LibreOffice (link) must be installed.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact me.

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