How to Build a Presentive Mailing List

Today I want to introduce to the ebook for the topic “How to Build a Presentive Mailing List”

As you probably know, building a list is essential to your online business. But more than just building a list, it’s important to build a RESPONSIVE list.

In other words, you want to establish a relationship with your list so they actually open your emails and read them.

You will find stuff like:

Secrets To Responsive Lists
Pay Attention To How You Create That List
Organic Is Better
Demographics ARE Key
Who Are These People?
Split Your Mailing Lists Into Demographics
Technology To Track Responsiveness
Basic Email Tips
Good Practices To Implement
Avoid This
How To Tempt Them To Respond
Special Reports
Quizzes And Polls
Free 15-Minute Consultations
Know When To Send
Think Work Week
Friday Is Fun Day
When Should You Send It Out?
Getting More Referrals
Ask For The Referral
Offer Discounts And Coupons
Sweepstakes & Contests
Techniques To Increase The Odds
Ad Swaps
Put Sign-up Information Everywhere
Seek Alternative Methods
Be Frequent
Be Consistent
Be Responsive Too
Seek Alternative Methods

here some quoted content for you as example

Avoid This

Do not spam people. This practice isn’t just annoying; it can get you in trouble with Federal regulators.

Quizzes And Polls

People love to give out their opinions or to test their knowledge with online quizzes. Setting a link to a poll or quiz in an email is easy, and if the subject is interesting enough, you may find your email gets forwarded to others. Make it a condition to submit an email address to see the results of the poll or quiz, and this will also provide you with leads.

Free 15-Minute Consultations

If you are selling coaching services, a free 15-minute consultation can be the open door you need to get a larger contract. Whether you choose to do it via a phone number, chat, or show call-in, you can use this format to not only introduce yourself, but to sell your services too.

Know When To Send

Responsive customers aren’t just a function of technology and slick marketing offers. They can also be a function of availability. Let’s face it; most people are NOT available during holidays. That’s the time they are spending face-to-face time with their families and relatives and are generally not online.

Friday Is Fun Day

Friday rolls around and people are ready to relax and take in the weekend. They may hop online to see what’s going on and what their friends are doing. That’s why Friday has the highest open rates of any other day of the week. If you want to have a better chance of people opening your emails, make sure you send them out before Friday.




If interested, you can buy the e-book as PDF here:


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