Interesting White Papers for GDPR, Cloud Backup, Cloud Disaster Recovery, Office 365 VMware and Ransomware

This week we can provide a couple of interesting White Papers for the topic GDPR, Cloud Backup, Cloud Disaster Recovery. News about to protect data in Office 365, as well how can VWware mashines backed up to the cloud. And don’t forget the important topic Ransomware. Happy reading.

pdfThe GDPR Compliance Guide for Business
100% compliance for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes mandatory on May 25, 2018

Category: Law, Software, Data Protection; Author: Druva



pdfBuilding a Disaster Recovery Plan for the Cloud Era
Business continuity is paramount, which means that IT teams must have a detailed plan in place to show how they can quickly resume mission-critical functions

Category: Technology, Software, Data Protection, Cloud; Author: Druva



pdfDruva Annual Ransomware Report: 2017 Survey
With an estimated 4,000 ransomware attacks occurring each day, it has now become a material threat to corporate data

Categroy: Software, News, Technology; Author: Druva



pdfHow to Move VMware Data Protection To the Cloud
Managing the backup and restore of virtual machines in a distributed environment is typically a convoluted process

Category: Technology, Cloud; Author: Druva



pdf8 Essential Practices for Hypervisor Backup
Hypervisor environments are complex and expensive with their on-premises secondary storage silos

Category: Virtulisation, Software; Author: Druva



pdfPhoenix DRaaS Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
Managing a secondary data center to ensure proper failover when disaster strikes your VMware environment, is both time consuming and costly

Category: Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Technology; Author: Druva



pdfThe Insider’s Guide to Cloud Compliance
Compliance in the cloud is critical, just as it is for the enterprise datacenter

Category: Compliance, Cloud, Law, Software; Author: Druva



pdfMaking The Business Case for VMware Cloud Backup
Managing the backup and restore of virtual machines is typically a complex operational process

Category: Cloud, Backup, VMware; Author: Druva



pdfA Practical Guide for GDPR Compliance
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes effective May 25, 2018, and all organizations that retain personal information of any EU individuals must take action to comply

Category: Guide, Law, EU, GDPR; Author: Ostermann Research



pdfHow Third Parties Fill The Critical Functional Gaps Left By Cloud Providers
Today’s digital transformation has significantly impacted the location and visibility of critical corporate data, often residing in endpoints and cloud apps, such as Office 365, Gmail and Box

Category: Cloud, Service Provider, Application; Author: Redmond



pdfAdopt Microsoft Office 365 Backup for Damage Control and Fast Recovery After Malicious Attacks
It’s only a matter of time before your organization will lose Office 365 data as a result of file corruption, user deletion, or malicious attacks

Category: Microsoft, Office 365, Software, Backup, Disaster Recovery; Author: Gartner



pdfWhy Global Dedupe Is The ‘Killer Feature’ of Cloud Backup
Thanks to recent advances in mobile technology, device storage capacity continues to closely follow Moore’s Law—that is, doubling approximately every two years

Category: Cloud, Backup, Global Dedupe; Author: Ashish Karnik

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